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He may have invented the Napier's Bones Napier's Rods Seeing there is nothing that is so troublesome to mathematical practice… than the multiplications, divisions, square and cubical extractions of great numbers, which besides the tedious expense of time are Archibald Napier was a justice-depute and was knighted in The definition of the logarithm follows: If his writings had survived he'd surely be considered one of the most brilliant and innovative geometers of antiquity.


At the Napier tercentenary celebrations. After Fibonacci, Europe still did not embrace the decimal system until the works of Vieta, Stevin, and Napier. On the surface of the thick rods are inscribed multiple numbers of digits, marked on the rod, as the digit of the rod is inscribed instead of letter a, doubled digit is inscribed instead of letter b and so on.

His theories of physics would seem quaint today, but he seems to have been the first to describe magnetism and static electricity.

Ptolemy perfected or, rather, complicated this model even further, introducing 'equants' to further fine-tune the orbital speeds; this model was the standard for 14 centuries.

Modern mathematicians refer to that "Theorem" as the Axiom of Archimedes. The reason for publishing the work is given by Napier in the dedication, where he says that so many of his friends, to whom he had shown the numbering rods, were so pleased with them that they were already becoming widely used, even beginning to be used in foreign countries one of these friends was Alexander Seton, the Earl of Dumfermline and High Chancellor of Scotland.

These materials are not subject to the Creative Commons licence. That's why Napier suggested rods to take the form of a parallelepiped, on the four surfaces of which to be inscribed four digital columns of rods in such manner, that the four faces of each rod to contain multiples of one of the nine digits, and is similar to one of the slips just described, the first rod containing the multiples of 0, 1, 9, 8, the second of 0, 2.

His better was also his good friend: Napier always felt that if he attained any fame at all in his life, it would be because of that book.

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His mother arranged for him to live in St Salvator's College see the photo belowthe oldest of the three endowed collegiate societies of the university, and special arrangements were made for the principal of the college, John Rutherfordthe most distinguished teacher of his day in Scotland, to take care of him personally.

Leibniz wrote "He who understands Archimedes and Apollonius will admire less the achievements of the foremost men of later times. This problem was a major inspiration for Descartes and was finally fully solved by Newton. Cum Appendice de expeditissimo Multiplicationis promptuario. Continuing to add the digits along the diagonals and we will get the proper result He deliberately emphasized the beauty of pure, rather than applied, mathematics, saying his theorems were "worthy of acceptance for the sake of the demonstrations themselves.

John Napier

At some point a longer list will become a List of Great Mathematicians rather than a List of Greatest Mathematicians. I've expanded my original List of Thirty to an even Hundred, but you may prefer to reduce it to a Top Seventy, Top Sixty, Top Fifty, Top Forty or Top Thirty list, or even Top Twenty, Top Fifteen or Top Ten List.

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High Quality Dental Vacuum Systems with some of the best warranties in the industry. John Napier: John Napier, Scottish mathematician and theological writer who originated the concept of logarithms as a mathematical device to aid in calculations.

At the age of 13, Napier entered the University of St. Andrews, but his stay appears to have been short, and he left without taking a degree.

Little. John Napier's father, Archibald Napier, was an important man in late 16 th century Scotland. His family had owned the Merchiston estate from the s when one of his ancestors acquired the estate, becoming the first Napare of Merchiston.

NAPIER, JOHN(b. Edinburgh, Scotland, ; d. Edinburgh, 4 April ) eighth laird of Merehiston, John Napier [1] was the son of Sir Archibald Napier by his first wife, Janet Bothwell, daughter of an Edinburgh burgess.

John Napier (designer)

At the age of thirteen he went to St. Bring your membership fee to our meeting in an envelope with your name and address on it, or the membership form if possible.

John napier
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