Phi 103 week 4 critical thinking quiz

Which one of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument. The third is timing of feedback which influences student achievement in Personalized System of Instruction PSI courses. A conversation with Benjamin Bloom.

Time is probably the biggest and the most important element of mastery learning. Educational Leadership, 43 8 This paper will investigate the mastery learning model and changes that have taken place in its use as an effective teaching strategy.

Thus, as students master the prerequisite skills for each new unit the need for corrective instruction will progressively reduce on each succeeding unit Bloom, Traditional instruction has not been successful for many students in schools, colleges, and universities.

Slavin and Karweit refer to Bloom in his claim that mastery learning "focuses primarily on students' abilities to understand instruction by attempting to insure that all students have mastered the previous skill before attempting the next" p.

Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. An application and evaluation of PSI in the elementary school.

Their study also indicated very strong positive outcomes in the affective domain with strong indications of satisfaction and pride in the learning accomplishments along with a steady increase in enrollment in the classes comprising the study.

Mueller sees the mastery model as placing a ceiling beyond which the faster learners are not allowed to progress. Obviously students are different. Thus, with mastery learning, the longer period of time required for some students to learn hinders them from reaching the desired achievement level.

Gage and Berliner quoted Mueller as asserting that mastery learning a takes much of the responsibility for learning away from students, who may end up not knowing how to learn independently; b requires non-fixed-time instructional units or greatly liberalized time allocations; c makes faster learner "wait around" while slower learner catch up, unless the faster learners are motivated to spend their time achieving objectives beyond the pre-specified ones; d commits a major part of finite instructional resources -- corrective effort, teacher aides, peer tutoring, and alternative learning materials -- to slower students and e assumes that everything in an instructional unit must be learned equally well by almost all students, although beyond basic skills and hierarchical subjects such as mathematics this assumption is hard to defend p.

Mueller thinks that, in addition to what a student learns, how long it took him to learn it should be a part of his grade.

Many people insist that the Internet is revolutionizing the political process. Mastery learning was first introduced into the American educational system over seventy years ago. The president spoke to 19 congressmen from Texas to encourage them to vote for a bill.

Some drugs combat obesity or alcohol addiction by turning off pleasure centers in the brain. Journal of Personalized Instruction, 4 3These conclusions are radically different from those drawn by earlier reviewers and meta-analysts.

This program was similar to mastery learning in the sense that the focus was on the role of feedback in learning and on individualized learning. That is the structure of the educational system in the United States. This concept goes back to the behaviorists and Skinner in What is done in classrooms now is the same as what was done one hundred years ago: The argument above is flawed because it confuses 6.

The reason why we have to perform this function in education for society is that businesses, law firms, graduate schools, etc. Educational Technology, 18, The teacher should have a set of objectives for students to follow.

Which one of the following points out the flaw in the argument above. According to Kulik, Kulik, and CarmichaelKeller reported that students rated the personalized courses as much more enjoyable than traditionally taught courses.

Preparing America's students for success.

However, during the s, only a few schools in America were using mastery learning. Thus, our educational system is based on the notion that allows performance to vary in the classroom.

Results showed that students were more successful in mastering content and faster in completing the course than they were when taught by traditional methods. Since Catherine did not go to the movies yesterday, there is not a romantic comedy playing at her local theater.

An obvious disadvantage of mastery learning is that the less capable students who do not achieve the criterion as quickly take longer to master the material.

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The answer can be found in Section“Obstacles to Critical Thinking: Rhetorical Devices,” of With Good Reason: A Guide to Critical Thinking. Answer Detail PHI/ PHI PHI Week 4 - Quiz PHI/ PHI PHI Week 4 -. PHI Week 4 Critical Thinking Quiz. PHI Week 5 DQ 1 (Write two arguments in English) PHI Week 5 DQ 2 (Imagine someone asks you what you have learned) PHI Week 5 Quiz.

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PHI Week 5 - Quiz Week 5 - Quiz Question 1 1/ 1pts Which of the following is a not a categorical statement: All dogs are mammals Only mammals ar A Guide to Critical Thinking. Question 4. 1 / 1 pts. Which type of inductive argument is the following: “Almost all dogs like to chase cats. Fido is a dog, so he probably likes to chase cats.”.

1. Question: Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes.

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Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed the test than students who took the afternoon test, more of Orlof’s morning.

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Phi 103 week 4 critical thinking quiz
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