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Why are there so many wide shots. Another heroine is first-year student Sizuru Nakatsu, a shy girl on the public ethics committee [17] who has excellent hearing, eyesight and can read lips. Kotarou agrees to help her and he acts as a double agent, demolishing Gaia's and Guardian's infrastructure in Kazamatsuri and killing those on either side.

Rewrite also has a number of decisions to be made, but the outcome of all is quite obvious. The latter 11 episodes aired from January 14 to March 25,and adapt the Moon and Terra routes from the visual novel.

This is not about the adaptation being different from the visual novel, which is by no means perfect, just so we are perfectly clear here. Akane also invites into the club Chihaya Ohtori, a second-year transfer student in Kotarou's class who is very strong, but clumsy.

This completes Quest Tsukuno knocks at the door. The five system sound themes included with the Rewrite laptops were released with the fan disc, with the addition of dialogue of Kagari by Kana Hanazawa. Which, again, may not be something to be happy about in this case.

Akane Route

Save here, just in case you missed something and need to come back later to get the Oppai ending. Rewrite is an insult to both fans of the visual novel and people who enjoy decently structured stories alike. Eventually, the people in the city starts printing newspapers about the ones who destroyed the world.

It has significance and intriguing world building, but I would have been more impressed if it had tied itself together with the other routes. The guys with the really powerful familiars.

Obtain info from a hidden circle first floor during the Oct 16th Mappie segment.

Akane Senri

Kagari rarely speaks and only says certain words pretaining to the situation she's in. As a child, she wears a blue-black plaid jumper with a ruffled skirt, paired with white collared shirt with gray trim.

Sometimes, when light shines down from the heavens, the creators of the original work get together with a crew of talented animators and a passionate production team writer, director, sound director etc. Akane Route Without a doubt, this is the best heroine route in the game.

Given that I’ve literally just finished the route, it might just be my emotions talking but I. For exclusively the character in Moon Route, see Moon Kagari.

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Kagari (篝) is the main heroine of Rewrite and Harvest Festa. She is the current Key in the main story and the incarnation of Earth.

Her leitmotif is Daisy (ヒナギク Hinagiku).Hair Color: White. The story, good this animated route, it explain How? What?", so that was the very weak point with this animation, maybe because the length of the visual novel, this story have so much to say, so transfer this to the animation was unsuccessful at certain grade.

If you want specific numbers for length: Common: lines (It spans about a month and a half if I recall) Kotori: lines Chihaya: lines Lucia: lines Akane: lines Shizuru: lines Moon: lines Terra: lines Kotori first, Akane last, and Chihaya before Shizuru is what most people do. Lucia's route is pretty stand.

Title: Rewrite (Akane) Developer: Key, Visual Arts, Amaterasu Translations Release Date: June 24, Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy Rating: All Ages *WARNING: SPOILERS* Akane Route. Without a doubt, this is the best heroine route in the game. I finished the heroine routes of Rewrite today.

Here is my spoiler free review. Rewrite’s common route is a great example of how slice of life should be written. If Muv Luv Extra had been written this well, I don’t believe there would be as many people complaining that the trilogy began slowly.

Well I can't deny that Akane's route.

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